ITSCC 2022



It’s a very interesting week, and we’ll try to be there!

During this week, core correctional skills (such as relationship skills, pro-social modeling, problem solving, motivational interviewing and cognitive restructuring) will be developed taking into account the basics but also the most up to date and evidence based practices.

For instance, building up the working alliance will cover issues such as clarifying the role or socializing into the role, empathy, dealing with resistance and so on but will also look into how to deal with power imbalance, how to maximize choices, how to ensure co-production and how to maintain and develop working alliance in a digital world.

We are strong believers in modern learning approaches. Therefore, we will use flip learning and other adult learning concepts to enhance not only the understanding of those skills but also their use in real-life situations. In this respect, role-play and coaching will stay at the heart of our learning approach.

As a novelty, this edition will tackle also the issue of resilience and burnout as fast changes that took place in the last few years placed huge pressure on correctional staff challenging, therefore, their coping skills.

Guests such as prof. Fergus McNeill, prof. Joanna  Clarke and others will help you share your knowledge and experience while discovering new insights into modern supervision practice and resiliance. 

By doing so, we hope to bring our skills in the 21st Century based on evidence and meaningful practice