Associació Pastoral


Support and Reintegration towards FREEDOM

About us

APP is a non-profit Association born in Mallorca in 2004. It was born as a result of the reflection of different members of Catholic Prison Ministries, who saw the need to create a civil entity that could manage social projects, beyond its religious interest, to support those deprived of liberty, and integrate our professional services with the networking of our community.


Our commitment is to humanize life in prison and to accompany the processes of social inclusion of those released from prison in a situation of social exclusion in Mallorca, providing them with resources, professionals and growth platforms.


We want to transform and minimize the impact that deprivation of liberty has in a person, especially for those in a situation of social exclusion, thus generating a safer, more just and cohesive society.


We believe in the capacity for change, reconstruction and reconciliation of the human being. We believe in personal and social commitment to disadvantaged people as a way of positioning ourselves in the world

What do we do?


Intervention in and outside prison


Reintegration House for prison permits


Reintegration House and reinsertion


Outpatient support & accompaniment service "Cantó40".

Our team

The «Associació Pastoral Penitenciària», currently has a team of volunteers and 8 professionals:

– 2 Social Educators

– 1 Pedagogue

– 1 Psychologist

– 1 Janitor

– 3 Social Workers

Discover our projects

“Life puts obstacles,

you set the bounderies

Partners and collaborators

Aware of the need to fully comply with current legal regulations, and to be able to provide the highest level of professionalism and efficiency to our service, PPA has surrounded itself with a group of specialized companies that gives support to specific fields, enabling us to focus exclusively on social inclusion.